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Graduate Student Club (GSC), School of Business and Economics, UPM Trip to Brunei Darussalam

From the 4th of March to the 7th of March, a group of four postgraduate students from the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and an Executive Officer from the Deputy Dean's Office had the opportunity to visit Universiti Teknologi of Brunei (UTB) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD). They have selected these universities because they are well-regarded institutions in Brunei and offer a promising opportunity for future collaboration with SBE's students. The delegation to Brunei had the chance to explore the two universities in Brunei and engage in meaningful discussions with the lecturers and students from both UTB and UBD.
During UTB, the delegation had the chance to participate in a lecture on "Research Methodology" given by the Deputy Dean of UTB. Furthermore, the delegation participated in a seminar titled "Navigating Brunei Darussalam Economic Development Landscape" at UBD. In addition to their visits to the esteemed universities in Brunei, the Brunei delegation also had the chance to explore Muara Port Company, the largest port in the country. They were accompanied by students and lecturers from UTB.
Brunei was chosen because of its close proximity, similar culture, and language to Malaysia. By fostering stronger partnerships with universities in Brunei, UPM aims to increase its appeal to students from Brunei's universities. Throughout their journey, they discovered that the universities in Brunei provide a serene and secure environment for studying. Brunei's universities offer courses that are similar to SBE, which could lead to potential collaboration through a study exchange programme in the future. The students of SBE had an unforgettable trip that gave them the opportunity to experience other universities abroad, further enhancing SBE's reputation as a top-tier business school.

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