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Asnaf Entrepreneurship Development Program

Serdang, 24 March - Asnaf Entrepreneurship Development Program 2018 organised by the Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM in partnership with QSR Brands Bhd. and WAZAN UPM was officiated today at the Phillip Kotler Hall, Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM. The Asnaf Entrepreneurship Development Program 2018 will be implemented in several phases for the next nine months until 31st. December 2018. A total of RM50,000 zakat contribution by the QSR Brands Bhd. has been allocated for the program and will be distributed to participants accordingly.  40 students from Asnaf group attended the launching ceremony of this program today. Participants will go through nine (9) learning modules in entrepreneurship, together with four (4) industrial visits to companies of successful local entrepreneurs.  After completing the nine modules, all participants will pitch their business models and selected students will be granted  initial capital of RM6,250 each to start their business.  It is hoped that students from the Asnaf group, especially those from FEP, FBMK, FPP and FEM will benefit from this program and realize their potentials to become  successful entrepreneurs in the future. It is anticipated that participants will be able to  transform themselves from being a 'zakat recipient' to becoming a 'zakat contributor'.

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