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Nature and Places of Attraction Around Us


School of Business and Economics Universiti Putra Malaysia (SPE UPM) located in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, provides access to several stunning natural attractions you can explore during your studies!



Putrajaya Wetland

Escape the city buzz and delve into the Putrajaya Wetlands, a Ramsar siteteeming with diverse birdlife, fish, and plant species. Kayak through themangroves, hike along nature trails, cycling, or observe birds at the birdobservatory. The beauty and greenery of the Wetland Park has attractedmigratory birds accross the globe. A total of over 59 migratory bird speciesand 200 local bird species breed in the Wetland Park throughout the year.Immerse yourself in the their rich biodiversity just a stone's throw fromSPE.




Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

A short drive away, this lush forest reserve boasts scenic hiking trails,cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking panoramic views. Breathe in thefresh air, challenge yourself with the moderate climb, and be rewardedwith stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape. The Bukit Ayer HitamForest Reserve is under the management of Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM) since 1996. UPM uses the forest reserve as a living laboratory for itsstudents and faculty, particularly those in the Faculty of Forestry.



GLOW Putrajaya

Located in Wetland Putrajaya, Precinct 13, Glamping @ Wetland Putrajaya(GL@W) is one of the best glamorous camping experiences! Surroundedby tall trees, GL@W also offers a number of activity options from a quietand relaxing retreat. There are also extreme activities, for those who enjoyextreme activities. There are many activities to do throughout the day suchas archery, jumping on the trampoline, playing badminton. There is also abike rental of RM 5 per 3 hours available for guests to cycle around theWetland area. As for nighttime activities, guests can gaze at the beautifulnight sky and enjoy evening entertainment such as karaoke, fire shows,bonfires and even a barbecue dinner buffet.




Taman Saujana Hijau

Taman Saujana Hijau, which translates to "Green Glade Park" in English, is a sprawling park located in Presint 11, Putrajaya, Malaysia. It's a popular spot for both locals and tourists, known for its European-style landscape and scenic beauty.

The park features several interesting attractions:

  • Flower fields: Large fields of colorful flowers are a major draw, especially during the blooming season.
  • Themed gardens: Explore themed gardens with unique layouts and plant varieties.
  • Pine trees: The park has areas with pine trees, offering a different ambience compared to the rest of the park.
  • Running and cycling paths: Dedicated paths for running, cycling and jogging make it a favorite spot for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Picnic spots: Lush green lawns and open spaces provide perfect spots for picnics and family outings.




Nestled within the university itself, eDU-PARK UPM® offers a unique blendof nature and education. Explore its various sections such as ForestryArboretum, Herbarium, Livestock Park, and Fisheries Research Institute.UPM Botanical Garden has almost 600 collection of wild plant species as aresult from scientific expedition all over the country since 2003. With theirtheme “Play, Learn & Stay Young”, eDU-PARK is divided into 11 primaryzones consisting of Animal Anatomy Museum, Malay Heritage Museum,Human Anatomy Museum, Human Pathology Museum, UPM Dairy andDeer Farm, Serdang Gallery, UPM Conservatory Park, UPM Equine Centre,Integrated Farm Ladang 10, L'APPRENTI UPM and Hybrid AgrivoltaicSystem (HAVs) Showcase for visitor to enjoy experiental learning.



UPM Farm Fresh

Experience a working dairy farm and immerse yourself in sustainable agricultural practices. Meet the cows, enjoy fresh dairy products, and learn about responsible milk production.

  • Tractor tours: Explore the farm and surrounding landscapes on a scenic tractor ride.
  • Petting zoo: Interact with friendly animals like goats, rabbits and sheep.
  • Hotpot dinner: Savor a unique dining experience enjoying fresh farm-to-table ingredients in a scenic setting.



Putrajaya Souq

From the creators of Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya Story isthe latest tourist attraction to land in the heart of Putrajaya. Convenientlylocated next to the Putrajaya Square, Putrajaya Story aims to providevisitors with its 3E propositions consisting of Educational, Experiential andEnjoyable revolving around Putrajaya’s historical facts, landmarks and major events.



IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Often referred to as IOI Mall Putrajaya, holds the title of the largest mall in Malaysia and Asia. It's a massive mall in IOI Resort City, technically in Selangor but near Putrajaya. With its recent expansion, it boasts over 2.5 milion sq ft of retail space.

  • Accessibility: The mall is easily reached by major highways and public transport, making it convenient for visitors from surrounding areas.
  • Stores and Entertaiment: Expect a wide variety of shops, from popular fashion brand to department store. It also offers entertaiment options like cinemas, an ice skating rink and a convention center.
  • Dining: Explore a vast selection of restaurants and cafes catering to different tasted and budgets.




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