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Guides to Ethical Conduct


The Guide applies to faculty, staff, students and postdoctoral scholars of School of Business and Economics; and Consultants, contractors and other persons engaging and interacting with members of the School of Business and Economics.


1. Introduction

School of Business and Economics shall uphold the high ethical standards set by the University and integrate the values of integrity, respect, trust, honesty and fairness into the education, research and business practices. Members shall commit to uphold the ethical, professional and legal standards in daily and ongoing actions and decisions. Members shall comply with all policies, standards, laws and regulations enforced in the University and be accountable for any action committed. 

2. Standards of Integrity and Quality

School of Business and Economics shall commit to maintain a reputation for integrity through compliance with laws and regulations and all contractual obligations. Members shall strive at all times to maintain the highest standards of integrity and quality, free from misconduct or impropriety which cause damage to the reputation of the University. Members must conduct all transactions with the utmost honesty, accuracy and fairness in accordance with the acceptable standards, in which no unethical practice can be tolerated. 

3. Compliance with Laws and Applicable Policies and Rules

School of Business and Economics shall comply with applicable laws, regulations, and the University policies and rules. Any question pertaining to implementation or applicability of the policies and rules must be referred to the respective office. 


i. Academic Matters

School of Business and Economics shall commit to comply with the University Academic Rules in relations to the curriculum management, academic promotion, student admission and intake, course registration, lectures and final examination, electronic students record, graduation ceremony, convocation ceremony and the administration and finance. 


ii. Teaching and Research

School of Business and Economics shall commit to conduct and report teaching and research with integrity and honesty, protect informant involved in research, humanely treat animals involved in teaching and research, be accountable to meet the requirements of sponsors, regulatory bodies, and other applicable entities, faithfully transmit research findings, protect rights to individual and University intellectual property, ensure originality of work, provide credit for the ideas and intellectual contributions of others (including design, conception, performance, analysis, critical editing and manuscript preparation, and be responsible for the accuracy and fairness of information published. 


iii. Student Affairs

School of Business and Economics shall ensure all matters pertaining to the management of student affairs, planning and implementing student activities, discipline, culture, accommodation, finance assistance and student welfare are handled in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Any matters relating to the student discipline shall be brought to the attention of the Student Affairs Division. 


iv. Contracts, Grants and Other Obligations

School of Business and Economics shall ensure all contracts pertaining to sponsored research grants and consultancy project funding that create legal obligations on the part of the University, must be entered into and signed by the authorised personnel, given the authority to enter into the contracts on behalf of the University. 


v. Safety and Health at the Workplace

School of Business and Economics shall commit to protect the safety and health of all members in their conduct within the University. The School of Business and Economics will provide information and training about safety and health hazards, and the safety measures. Members shall adhere to good safety and health practices and comply with all safety and health laws and regulations.


4. Confidentiality, Privacy and Information Security

Members of the School of Business and Economics who receive and generate various types of confidential, regulated, proprietary and private information on behalf of the University are expected to comply with all applicable rules, laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and University policies pertaining to the use, protection and disclosure of any information. When disaffiliating from the University, members must return all University data unless an exception has been granted. 

5. Financial Controls and Responsibilities

School of Business and Economics shall exercise prudent financial management in relation to the University funds and resources. 

6. Use of University Resources

Members of School of Business and Economics shall use the University resources in a rightful manner on behalf of the University. Members must not use the resources for personal gain or personal use except in a permissible manner in light of the employees’ duties. University resources include the University systems (telephone systems, data communication and networking services), University equipment (computers and peripherals, University vehicles), University facilities and University records. 

7. Conflict of Commitment/Conflict of Interest

Members of School of Business and Economics shall carry out their duties and responsibilities in the highest level of practices and not to involve in a conflict of commitment or interest, including having private financial interests, receiving benefits or gifts from third parties, soliciting gift, and personally accepting any material gift, gratuity or payment, in cash or in kind, from any third party seeking to do business with the University or currently doing business with the University.

8. Reporting Suspected Violations and Consequences

Members of the School of Business and Economics should report suspected violations of applicable policies, laws, regulations and rules through standard management channels available in the University. Every case is treated seriously and reviewed in the appropriate manner. Reports may be made confidentially and anonymously. Members are also expected to cooperate fully in the investigation of the potential violations.




System link

Integrity Section, Governance and Integrity Division, Registrar Office

Phone: +603-9769 2017 /2011

Centre for Corporate Strategy and Relations

Phone: +603-9769 2012


Confirmed violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to termination of employment. In some circumstances, civil or criminal charges and penalties may apply.

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