The CEO@SPE is a program that brings together CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and local and international industry leaders to the School to share their knowledge and experience with students and the School’s community.

They will also assist in matters such as the School’s curriculum development to ensure they are in accordance with the industry’s demands.

This program is expected to bridge the gap between private and public institutions, and strengthen the industry and academia ties.

The CEO elected will give CEO Talk at least once a year during the term of appointment. They will also help the School in:


  • Academic program advisor
  • Graduate marketability
  • Industrial training opportunities
  • Philanthropy
  • Visibility of the School’s expertise


CEO@PTJ Appointment Period
Haji Mohd Asri Ahmad

- 2 years starting from 01 November 2021 to
30 October 2023


Our CEO@SPE Haji Mohd Asri Ahmad is the founder of Asri Ahmad Academy. The academy conducts training and sharing of investment knowledge on the stock market either on the local exchange or the foreign exchanges. It provides information and sharing of knowledge and experience of investing and trading on the lawful shariah-compliant stock market with simple, captivating and high impact learning methodology.

Haji Mohd Asri Ahmad is known as Malaysia’s No.1 Stock market Mentor. He has more than 25 years of experience trading in Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. He is also the recipient of Top Remisier and Top Performer Award in Hong Leong Investment Bank for 3 years continuously. He was awarded Bursa Marketplace Social Influencer of the Year in 2018.

Updated:: 22/02/2024 [asyikeen]