Undergraduate Program Information
Programs Offered :
i  ) Bacelor of Economics
ii ) Bacelor of Accounting and Finance
iii) Bacelor of Business Administration
Admission Requirement Qualification for Undergraduate Program 
a) Local Candidates
i)  Lepasan Matrikulasi
ii) Lepasan STPM
iii)Lepasan Diploma
b) International Candidates
i)  Application Qualification Requirement
ii) Specific Program Requirement
3. Undergraduate Study Program Hand Book

FEP offers two (2) types of program at postgraduate level; Program by Coursework and Program by Research. In general, programs offered are as follows;

Program by Coursework:

  1. Master of Economics
  2. Master of Entrepreneurship

 Program by Research:

  1. Master of Science (MSc)
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

 Fields of study under Program by Research are:

  1. Economics
  2. Business Economics
  3. Hospitality
  4. Tourism
Application for admission can be made online from UPM’s School of Graduate Studies website (www.sgs.upm.edu.my).




Please click on the link below for easy access;







UPM Alumni Intelligent System is a web portal will be developed by the Alumni Centre to collect and update data and profile of the alumni of UPM. This portal is intended to ensure that the information and alumni profiles are always current, active and easily accessible for the purpose of announcements and to publicise activities /programs organised by UPM.

At this moment, alumni could update their personal information here ALUMNI REGISTER.

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honour society serving business programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).
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Referring to the UPM / CADe / 2 / 2.14 (Putra Blast). The implementation are as on the attachment here

Further details will be presented during the Faculty Members Meeting on 22 August 2019 

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